The Paradise Complex

by Nexus

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Like a place without and beyond time it stood. Afore, a small flight of stone stairs and pillars, shining anew, but with sureness and certain decrepitude as if they had always been. All around was bathed in a dull green light, painfully, as Raethe had not seen light in a couple of days, it would take some time for his eyes to adjust. A large altar was the centrepiece of his surrounds. The center of which was a large swirling vortex, comprised of chaotic blue matter and patches of warping black. The vortex seemed to implode, spin and tear itself apart simultaneously, all within the confines of its stone altar surrounds. Raethe stood spellbound, no mortal being, let alone one as humble as he, had before beheld such an anomaly, a nexus. For years after his ordeal, Raethe found himself empowered by the very memory of this wondrous sight. 'The voice spake true' Raethe said, his own voice scarcely a whisper. The vortex shifted again, more erratically now, as if reacting to his speech. A strange stillness overcame Raethe as he pondered the nexus, three words in his memory leapt to the forefront of his mind and unto his tongue before he had a chance to stop himself. A second phrase was chanted.

><AahverRian rikCter aHalmEaa><

The vortex changed again, becoming red now, bathing him in its radiance. At the same, expanding outwards from itself to encompass Raethe and his surrounds. All else seemed to lose its relevance as he was thrown faster than light into purgatory. He experienced something beyond pain, as he watched his body shredded away beneath him. Raethe could only see now through his minds eye, no doubt slave to the will of whatever forces he had roused from beyond said portal. The light around him changed, and Raethe slowly became aware of a new body taking form, though not one that could be easily described...

As his new system burned with an endless agony that kept him only on the brink of consciousness, his mind raced through the sensations he was experiencing. Running the gamut from unfathomed burning pains, into pleasures previously unfelt. As finally the assault on his senses dimmed, the picture of a new body took form in his mind. A form completely alien to him, but somehow as recognisable as looking in a mirror. The agony began anew as his new shape began to writhe and smelt under the intense magma heat the radiated and fumed from inside him. [From this point, he will no longer be referred to as Raethe]. His large head sloped and elongated out in a long face plate, similar to those that extended from the tops of his knees and elbows. The rest of his body was covered in a burning bluish white metal, the gaps in the armour glowing from the distorted fury that now filled his new form.

Snapping his lids open, he looked around with new eyes. Universal sight. As endless or microscopic as could be imagined. Stars, planets and far away hither unseen space phenomena magnified and retracted as he swept his gaze this way and that. These galaxies and stars, he instantly knew the name (though the majority of which he had never encountered). Co-ordinates and atmospheres of each as he laid eyes upon it. In his head, thoughts were buzzing and processing at a speed that defied understanding. He made comprehensions, contradictions and conclusions even as they were being thought, as if all he had to do was 'access' the answers. Knowledge as wide and limitless as the universe itself!

He had no mouth to speak of, but a searing furnace grill, locked into a sinister grimace. Flexing new limbs, fingers and ankles, he felt the fury coursing through him aiding his movements, as though powered by some internal combustion engine, or volcano. He could see no way out of the new armour, but then why would he need to? What if it was the only thing containing his liquid molten form within?

# The complete story can be found within the digipak booklet


released June 19, 2009

Produced by Geoff Eaton and Dan Grainger at Depth Studios
Mixed by Geoff Eaton and Dan Grainger
Mastered by Shaun O'Callaghan at Couch Studios
Lyrics and Storyline by Dan Grainger
Strings and Additional Noises by Dylan Szymkow
Artwork and Layout by Paul Donnelly



all rights reserved


Nexus Perth, Australia

Sharp, high energy music with technical interruptions, extreme metal brutalities, and progressive shimmerings.

The music is the accompaniment to an elaborate science-fiction saga that continues through each release.

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Track Name: The Paradise Complex -I- The Reckoning
agony consumes my conscious
as i vacate this ethereal plane
crimson fire burns through My veins
searing away obsolescence

the might and wisdom of a billion stars
cast off this frail mortal shell!
the knowledge of timeless eyes from above
becomes doctrine erasing heresy
language of ancients becomes common tongue
><Yallarah ghel hMinyess>< [My will is the way]
the might and wisdom of a billion stars
adheres to thy will at My beckoning...

"there shall come a reckoning !"

turmoil of memory assaults Me
My hatred amplified
molten form in chaotic rebirth
shaped by solar wind

behold! My irradiant astral form
as I burn with the fury of stars
the depth and breadth of space: Mine to traverse
in breathless existence
a fourth dimension awakens new thinking
infinite cosmic library
blinded of previous inconsequence
I know only vengeance!

as living star I arbitrate cosmic justice!
folding time through subspace i hold the nexus!

as living star I arbitrate cosmic justice

'under twin suns rule the skies, supremacy with your demise'
My hateful reign ensues ...
Track Name: Ultimate Knowledge
Yield to my omnipotence!
Secrets of the universe
Though: long held willing captive
Now: thy dormant wisdom plundered

'Hark! You'll hear celestial voices'
'Lost between symphony and scream'
'Beneath the glare of the Allseeing eyes'
'Gazing into eternity ...'

Ultimate! Knowledge!!

Ultimate Knowledge Impending ...
"Warp chaos dimensions:
My ruined gaol far behind
LhaArn'dHrr - Known as Nexion!
Universal usurper unleashed ... "
Ultimate Knowledge Impending ...

"Speak to Me not of the terrors of the warp ..."
"Speak to Me not of mercy ... Never"
Track Name: Genesis
no longer limited by mortal imagination
archaic conscious breeding new enemities

an avid mind inherit logic beyond its means
accept no ideal contrary to what is deemed

"... One finds the Genesis; more an ordeal ..."

the syntax of religion
scourge of the sentient mind
"I will initiate this cleansing:
The Divine Purging Of False Mythologies..."

><!rHeh'yUis hKa!>< [He is here!]

divinity seems now like a cheap imitation
verse the scales of true reality ...

Track Name: The Paradise Complex -II- The Reasoning
seeing unclouded through the mortal veil of knowledge
past and future unfold their map to the heavens
thought and counter-thought divide their opinions
on the subjects of infinite space and time ...

><nHeAh LluARR miiArh>< [Reason shall guide me]
><kQynn'rHll yhaeE ruOex>< [The path now clear]
><Qxus Ia entH aA' vHara>< [The source of my enlightenment]
><Qxus Ia entH aA' vHara><

becoming suddenly aware; akin to that first breath
it seems ive found Knowledge to be incomplete
what dares to lie beyond my understanding?!
yield to The Reasoning! (I command It)
"I will seek He who knows ..."

"... a time to re-append The Reasoning
the trial to comprehend The Reasoning..."
Track Name: Twelve Minds
'The Knowledge hath awakened!'
(twelve minds dreaming...)
'Too long it's been forsaken
who dares summon...'

"We who see all?
We who made all...!"

'It seems; theres One who understands'
(twelve minds screaming...)
'our ancient secret tongue
does he perceive the logic he commands?'

><dHeyh QcAUl LhaArn'dHrr Vleh'MaRh>< [the wisdom of Nexion is without bound]
><AahverRian rikCter aHalmEaa>< [ultimate knowledge impending!]

"Consider the consequences!"
"we've already Reasoned it through!"
"How can one such lowly mortal
Wield The Knowledge?"
"We cannot stay idle now while
This inferior worm possesses
The power of Our Undoing
At His behest!"

Twelve minds as one!

'We are not without resource!'
(twelve minds scheming...)
'We are left with no recourse
but to hasten ...'

"...They who heed our
will to destroy!"

'the knowledge must reach us intact!'
(twelve minds reeling...)
'return to us the power lost
before He throws us into ruin...!'
Track Name: The War of Thought
"I, Keeper Of Light and Wisdom,
I, Bringer Of Death and Undoing"

traveling betwixt chaos dimensions
I've reached an impass
the knowledge informs me:
'scrutiny is upon thee!'

'with but a gesture fought
fell powers avail you not
hence the Undoing i've brought
shall prove your end!'

'"iaonEA" and "gHeuAl" summoned forth
disprove daemonic worth
their debris combined
scattered to solar winds!'

I! Keeper Of Light and Wisdom
Arbiter Of cosmic justice
I, Bringer Of Death and Undoing
Enemy Of False Heavens!

"Stand anon you daemon forces
Those who dare oppose my will!
I'll see thee banished to "Yhl'Eah'Drr"
Who holds more of thee still ..."

'delve into wisdom's throes
to usurp unearthly foes
their true nature: now it shows
servants of The Twelve!'

I'm aware of the time: now shifting
There can be no resistance!
Track Name: The Paradise Complex -III- The Reawakening
As I survey the scene
Of my vanquished daemon quarries
An interesting sensation looms
Of simultaneous parallel existence...

'Attend ye now our covert chamber'
'Ne'er afore seen by mortal sight'
'Heed our summons, Wielder of Knowledge!'

'i can see again...'
'beginning of the end...'

'A curious thing...'
"We'll discern the might He brings..."

Perceive now, my new surroundings
Akin to which I've ne'er seen!

"This obvious ruse: confounding!"
Twelve spherical orbs afore me!
Track Name: LhaArn'dHrr
><!rHeh'yUis hKa!><

><Ylnn aArhe saE'ih tL'eAh><
><!wRahn Hl'a 'Yei aErIn!><

><Ylnn aArhe saE'ih tL'eAh><
><!wRahn Hl'a 'Yei aErIn!><

><bRomA aRdhey hKa LhaArn'dHrr hleLe><
><lhe-Nuih-Een OuehNme Kzahm'an DiEnn><
><cKaeN TrhhR aEorn nIaHd><
><Ylen'AL Ein hYoea Mnehn'dOu yZa><

><liA'nYeh mHuy kqen'uH'Mah><
><cIuEn'a hle Nrre><
><liA'nYeh mHuy kqen'uH'Mah><
><!LaeN Eah'Ni kHan, uOuh'hNAa mAair RhiNN aHLen tYeiMaH!><


[The song LhaArn'dHrr is the initial conversation between Nexion and The Twelve Minds. As a result, no translation has been given]