Eve of Destruction EP

by Nexus

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released June 18, 2009

Produced by Geoff Eaton and Dan Grainger at Depth Studios
Mixed by Geoff Eaton and Dan Grainger
Mastered by Shaun O'Callaghan at Couch Studios
Lyrics and Storyline by Dan Grainger
(except track 1 - lyrics by Dylan Szymkow)
Artwork and Layout by Paul Donnelly



all rights reserved


Nexus Perth, Australia

Sharp, high energy music with technical interruptions, extreme metal brutalities, and progressive shimmerings.

The music is the accompaniment to an elaborate science-fiction saga that continues through each release.

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Track Name: Release
Racing toward the enemy's
Pyrogenic heart
An army dressed in violence
Both heretic and smart

A moonless sky to play the pawn
Will be raped tonight
With death infected paralyze
Eating out the night

Release, Monumental pain and hate
Release, Over and over again
We need to release

Force feed our hatred
to their fangoric mouths
A mute fallen casualty
Our enemy cowers

Victory! A single world
Shines above the stars
Decorate their open graves
With graffiti macabre

Release, Monumental pain and hate
Release, Over and over again
We need to release
Track Name: Eve of Destruction
restless, i stare into the void
a blanket of dark stretching for all eternity
all here that share my anxiety
on this, the eve of destruction

in a late hour i drift into uneasy sleep
fearful of what dreams may come
haunted by final cries of countless innocents
slumber holds no sanctuary now

'awaken now brothers the dawn draws nigh
i can almost taste the carnage in anticipation
today we venture forth into foreign stars
slaughter in the name of exploration'

"I've seen the sun burn for the last time and I've seen the moon die ..."
Track Name: War Crimes
cannons shake the earth around
as i lay awake in this mass grave
bodies of those i once called friends
pile this trench: my only safe haven

though it seems like years the past 3 months
have stolen away last shreds of my sanity
living the nightmare day after day
long ago the man inside me died

at the time i did what i thought was right
survival instincts taking over
stand trial before the men who sent you to kill
you shall pay for your war crimes

the flash of incendiary twisting my mind
unable to tell between right and wrong
intent on destruction of the ones to blame
my descent into madness ensured

still the image is clear in my mind
the masses slain for insanity's crusade
whats done now this past i cant change
the blood will stain my hands forever
Track Name: Day of Glory
torn wide open with no discretion
my soul displayed for all to see
the violence shakes me from inside
this divine rite has set me free

long i've been the chosen one
he whom the gods would destroy
marked for vengeance through the ages
eons i've suffered in misery

i'm the one accursed long ago
afflicted by this plague
these vacant eyes will tell the story
of their sanctimonious reign
Track Name: The Truth That Lies Behind
'to truly appreciate life
you must first experience death'
nameless one in the nameless void
these words escape his breath

in time you'll see the truth in my words
those few who will return to recall
living in pursuit of the inconsequential
far from home not long afterlife

my cries return
in echoes of laughter
lights at the ends of my vision
souls beyond the reach of my fingertips
brainwashed by indecision

suspended in animation
mind in a state of deception
but the truth that lies behind
to a sane conscious denied
Track Name: Forsaken
awakening into blindness
but not for the first time
it feels as though i cannot even scream
as to pierce the darkness beyond
amidst the chaos of my reasoning
the reality of my exile dawns
servitude no longer solitude remains
alone with my melancholy forever

i'm forsaken NOW!

banished into realms of unlight
forsaken to this eternal night

a voice as of prophets on high
echoes in my surrounds
sage-like wisdom or a madman's seed
just to hear another compels me listen
his legend tells of a place in time
like out of a tale i once retold
he speaks of a breach in dimensions
a gateway to the universe heart

i feel the hot breath on my neck
as he whispers the words into my ear....

speak the sacred words
not voiced for millennia
bridge the gap of years with a thought
ancient phrase forming at the end of my tongue
><LautEous pfilandra kQeseur!><